Monday, February 25, 2008

If you need a domain name, first prove your self - That's what say

I have been a regular (not ver often, but I am not a newbie either) at getting myself domain names, but registering one with Netfirms was a bit of an annoying experience. After quiet a bit of googling I found that their's was the cheapest, so I went ahead with them and registered my wedding website domain name with them.
When I checked after two days, the domain was active and the typing took me the default page setup.

But to my surprise, my inbox contained an email from Netfirms that made my head turn around, and the thought that I had given my credit card information to some fraudulent internet firm (a burnt child dreads the fire) ran through my nerves.

The email is as below:
From: Netfirms Billing Team
Subject: Netfirms - - Follow-up required!
Dear Moiz Tankiwala,
To finalize your order we require proof of ownership of the credit card. Please send a fax or scan of the front and back of the credit card used for this purchase showing only the last four digits of the credit card number.
As orders are time-sensitive, this request must be received within the next 2 days at:
Fascimile number: 416-661-0700 or via e-mail at billing [-at-] netfirms [-dot-] com
Thank you,
Netfirms Billing Team billing [-at-] netfirms [-dot-] com


Though I can understand Netfirm's concern to prevent fraudulent transactions from getting through (which may result in losses for them), I have never come across any online firms that I have dealt with previously that wanted a proof of ownership of credit cards. I am not sure how foolproof is their method either, a thief can still scan the copy of a stolen/lost/misplaced credit card.

I have a friend working in the anti-fraud department of America's biggest online store and what I have understood is that they have better ways of detecting fraud rather than asking customers to scan their credit cards and send it to them!
Netfirms definitely needs to improve on their fraud detection mechanisms.